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Health & Wellbeing

The pursuit of health outcomes for the Traveller community Galway City and County is a strategic area of importance for GTM. GTM is committed to improving the health status of the Traveller community through the use of Traveller peer-led primary health care and community work approaches. GTM will work with the community to collectively develop community responses to address the poor health status and health outcomes of the Traveller community.


Racism is a poison in all societies, and we see it in so many aspects of daily life. It has so many different manifestations and clearly one of those manifestations, one of the outcomes of systematic racism is unfair access to health care, marginalisation, othering of people to a point where they don’t get access to education, they don’t get access to healthcare. So ultimately yes, there is a health consequence to racism, a direct psychological consequence, a denial of services consequence, a marginalisation consequence, a poverty consequence, an education consequence. And all of those lead to ill health, so yes racism is a heath issue

Dr. Mike Ryan, WHO


Intended Impacts

GTM is committed to improving the health and wellbeing outcomes for Travellers through the Power in Participation campaign

Campaign Goals:

  • To develop Traveller mental health initiatives, to improve mental health outcomes for Travellers and to reduce suicide
  • To maintain and promote positive mental health and improve access to mainstream services through the development of culturally appropriate services
  • To engage and empower the Traveller Community to be active agents in influencing and improving the community’s mental health and wellbeing with a specific focus on reducing health inequalities