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GTM has named the value of equality for the Traveller Community Galway City and County as one of the 5 values the underpins the development of the strategic plan.

Equality is about achieving outcomes for members of the Traveller Community on a par with the majority population: it is about respect for and celebration of Traveller Culture: and also about freedom from discrimination and the fear of discrimination.

GTM will proactively challenge racism and discrimination in all its forms, it will contribute to the analysis on the barriers to equality, and will demand social change in the struggle for full equality for members of the Traveller Community.

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GTM Strategic Plan 2018-20022 – Equality Indicators

  • Five strategic legal cases that challenge discrimination and racism are taken over the lifetime of the plan
  • Equality mainstreaming delivered in five services in Galway (including cultural institutions)
  • Logging and reporting racist incidents that take place
  • Complaints pursued through institutions of the state set up to pursue accountability as well as at service level to raise awareness of lack of change across services
  • Strategic alliances built and developed that focus on eliminating racism and discrimination
  • GTM’s capacity to engage with the media and its ability to influence/ensure non biased reporting is enhanced
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GTM Strategic Plan 2018-2022 – Expected Equality Outcomes

  • A greater Traveller awareness of the benefits if using legal means to challenge discrimination and racism
  • Greater accountability across the public services
  • A strong civil society in Galway which is informed and willing to challenge the injustice experienced by the Traveller Community
  • The Traveller Community trained and directly representing the community’s issues through local, regional and national media
  • Media sources more aware of the need for anti-bias reporting

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