GTM has named the pursuit of education outcomes for the Traveller community Galway City and County as a strategic area of importance. GTM is committed to proactively calling for equality of access , opportunity and outcome for the Traveller community in the area of education and training. The issue of poor educational outcomes for Travellers has long been recognized and documented. The cycle of disadvantage needs to be broken. Irish society can no longer accept that there remain stark inequalities between Traveller children and the general population in relation to educational attainment. Promoting and using intercultural approaches to education will be needed in order to ensure that the right to education for Traveller children and adults are being realized.

GTM Strategic Plan 2014-2016 – Intended Education Impacts

  • Primary and second level schools in Galway City and County equipped to ensure the inclusion of the Traveller Community.
  • The retention of Traveller children supported and resourced in second level education.
  • The Traveller community empowered to self advocate in relation to their education issues.
  • Discrimination and racism reduced within the education systems in Galway City and County.
  • A greater understanding of Human Rights and the right to education and training fostered amongst the Traveller Community and the local services.

GTM Strategic Plan 2014-2016 – Expected Education Outcomes/Results

  • Improved equality of access, participation and outcomes for Travellers within mainstream education provision.
  • Traveller leaders in key representational roles advocating for Traveller rights in the area of education.
  • Strategies developed with local education providers and inter-agency committees to ensure effective transfer and retention of Traveller children in second level education therefore tackling the issue of early school leaving.
  • Programmes which address the issue of racism within the education system explored