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GTM has named thevalue of Particpation for the Traveller Community Galway City and County as one of the 5 values that underpins the development of the strategic plan.

Participation is about members of the Traveller Community taking part in decision making that impacts on them, and about having access to supports to exercise this power, and also about being aware of and owning their own individual and collective power.

GTM will enable a Traveller voice in the exercise of power and decision making.


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GTM Strategic Plan 2018-2022 – Participation Indicators

  • Local Traveller Action Groups (LTAG’s) and Youth Traveller Action Groups (YTAG’s) are represented on external structures and this representation is undertaken by Travellers from LTAG’s and YTAG’s
  • Membership of GTM committees set up to deliver on equality outcomes for members of the Traveller Community comprises at least 50% members of the Traveller Community
  • A charter for meaningful  participation in decision making by members of the Traveller Community is developed and disseminated to state institutions and its implementation monitored
  • Traveller representatives on external structures are supported and the impact of representation reviewed annually
  • Members of the Traveller Community are reporting on meaningful participation on local decision making fora. Annual review carried out with regard to the satisfaction rate from members of the Traveller Community.
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GTM Strategic Plan 2018-2022 – Expected Participation Outcomes

  • Sustainable Local Traveller Action Groups proactively engaging with addressing discrimination and racism in each local area
  • Young Traveller Action Groups focusing on addressing discrimination and racism as it impacts on young Travellers
  • Traveller nonparticipating increased in each local area on local decision making fora
  • Travellers are empowered to represent the community on external structures
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