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GTM has named the value of Collectivity for he Traveller Community Galway City and County as one of the 5 values that underpins the development of the strategic plan.

Collectivity is about Travellers coming together, solidarity between Travellers, and Travellers building  a strong voice with influence.

GTM will work with members of the Traveller Community in developing  demands, indicators and bench marks for change, and will enable community mobilisation, platforms for action and a strong collective Traveller voice.


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GTM Strategic Plan 2014-2016 – Collectivity Indicators

  • 20 members of the Traveller Community completed Fetac Level 7 leadership course & leading out on GTM campaigns.
  • 10 members of the Traveller Community accessing third level education ( at a level higher than than diploma, e.g Access, part time or full time degree)
  • Traveller society established and sustained in conjunction with NUIG.
  • The Participation and Practice of Rights campaign is embedded in all GTM Campaigns.
  • The Right to Accommodation, Right to Education, Right to Work, Right to positive mental health campaigns and their progress tracked.
  • Strategic alliances built and developed with rights based organisations in order to realise Traveller Rights.
  • 6 Local Traveller Action Groups (LTAG’s) set up with ongoing monitoring/evaluation of the approach to achieving meaningful Traveller engagement and decision making.
  • 2 Youth Traveller Action Groups (YTAG’s) developed with ongoing monitoring/evaluation of the approach to enhance the young Traveller voice in decision making
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GTM Strategic Plan 2014-2016 – Expected Collectivity Outcomes

  • Increased Traveller leadership participating in decision making at a local, regional and national level
  • Increased participation and progression into third level education by members of the Traveller Community
  • Greater Traveller visibility  in NUIG promoting a sense of belonging on campus
  • Member of the Traveller Community  directly involved in realising Traveller rights campaigns in their local Traveller Action Groups
  • Greater awareness of the right to education, health, work, accommodation an mental health within the Traveller Community
  • Traveller Ethnicity recognition validated and more than symbolic
  • Strong relationships built with other minority communities and tights based organisations in Galway City and County
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