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Racism & Discrimination

GTM will lobby and campaign for full legal protection against racism and discrimination for the Traveller community. GTM will work with the Traveller community to collectively develop responses to the persisting denial of justice and rights for the community.


Radical practice provides a starting point for linking knowledge to power and a commitment to developing forms of community life that take seriously the struggle for democracy and social justice

P Mc Laren, Critical Pedagogy and predatory culture; Oppositional politics in postmodern era (London, Routledge 1995)


Intended Impacts

GTM is committed to the elimination of discrimination and racism through its Right to Social Justice campaign

Campaign Goals:

  • Local Traveller Action Groups to take action and seek redress, justice and protection for the Traveller community who experience discrimination and racism on a daily basis.
  • To work with the Traveller community in the local areas to call for full equality and an end to discrimination and racism.
  • To empower the Traveller community in each local area to self-advocate and self-organise with a view to getting increased Traveller participation and local engagement in the work of Galway Traveller Movement
  • Reclaim the space – to create a space to discuss local issues that are impacting negatively on the Traveller community.
  • To create a platform for discussion and dialogue that will lead to positive social change