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GTM will lobby and campaign for the right to culturally appropriate housing/accommodation for the Traveller community. GTM will work with the community in Galway City and County to address racism and discrimination and challenge the inequities in the provision of accommodation and housing. We will work with the community to develop a strong collective community response to the persisting inequities in housing/accommodation.


Some Travellers were being forced to live in “shameful conditions unfit for human habitation”, despite 21 years of legislation mandating every local authority to provide adequate, culturally appropriate accommodation to Travellers, and 19 years of equal-status legislation outlawing discrimination in the provision of services.

Reference Emily Logan, IHREC, Irish Times June 2019


Intended Impacts

GTM is committed to improving the accommodation situation for the Traveller community through our #TravellerHomesNow campaign.

Campaign Goals:

  • Raising awareness of the rights violations and inequalities that the Traveller community experience in relation to their accommodation needs.
  • Demanding action on these inequalities through a set of demands developed collectively by the Traveller community in Galway city and county.