Traveller Foster Carers for Traveller Children – Are you interested?

By Rebecca GTM

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Shared Rearing Initiative

Traveller Health projects in Galway, Roscommon and Mayo have become increasingly aware of the number of Traveller ‘children in care ‘.  Children who for different reasons can no longer live with the family they were born into and must have another home. When these children are placed in foster care, there is usually not Traveller foster parents who can  accommodate  the children’s needs . This means while children have a safe, secure and caring home they may be growing up outside the Traveller Culture and not have a positive sense of themselves as Travellers. This can cause identity and self-esteem problems as they get older.

So we are working together with social worker Laura Shine to put the message out there to the Traveller Community that we need Travellers to consider becoming foster parents so more Traveller children are cared for within their own culture.

So what is Shared Rearing/fostering and what does it mean?

Sheared rearing is another way of saying fostering it’s the idea that you are helping to rear a child but you are sharing the rearing with the child’s birth parents.

Would you foster a child? Do you know someone who would?

Would you like to find out more about it?

Please contact PHC coordinators in GTM and they will talk to you about whatever you would like more information on

or   you can check out Tusla (the Irish Child and Family agency)website  which has information on fostering and children in care

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