Strategic Plan

A social movement for greater equality needs a sustained sense of direction and a view of how we can achieve the necessary economic and social changes. The key is to map out ways in which the new society can begin to grow within and alongside the institutions it may gradually marginalise and replace. That is what making change is really about. Rather than simply waiting for government to do it for us, we have to start making it in our lives and in the institutions of our society straight away

The Traveller community’s ongoing situation of living with structural inequality based on their minority status must not, and cannot, be tolerated. Galway Traveller Movement “Realising Social Change for the Traveller Community. Eliminating Structural Inequality” Strategic Plan 2014 – 2016 plans to dedicate its resources to enabling the Traveller community to be part of a movement that challenges structural inequality. As a starting point it is difficult to look at equality in isolation from other values that, through time, people and societies endorse as core values which are to be aspired towards and which are essential for a good life. These core values include respect, dignity, justice, solidarity and freedom.

Galway Traveller Movement Strategic Plan 2014 – 2016