Justice & Rights


GTM has named the pursuit of justice and rights for the Traveller community Galway City and County as a strategic area of importance. GTM is committed to eliminating structural inequality and demanding social change for the Traveller community. A radical change in strategy is imperative for the realization of Traveller rights. This strategy entails the convergence of community work and human rights based approaches.

GTM Strategic Plan 2014-2016 – Intended Justice/Rights Impacts

  • Travellers experiencing discrimination and racism are empowered to address the challenges facing them.
  • The Local services are aware of the impact of racism on the Traveller Community and seek to address the imbalance.
  • Traveller culture and ethnicity recognized
  • Equality debated at a Galway City and County level with a view to equality being mainstreamed.

GTM Strategic Plan 2014-2016 – Expected Justice/Rights Outcomes/Results

  • Greater understanding of and access to legal and rights empowerment programmes for the Traveller Community in Galway City and County
  • Data gathered and GTM policy position paper developed documenting the Traveller experience of racism and discrimination in Galway City and County
  • Anti racism log developed and issues of Anti Traveller racism proactively challenged
  • Awareness raised on Traveller Culture with the administration of the Justice Systems in Galway City and County
  • Data gathered and GTM policy position paper developed looking at racism and discrimination
  • Equality mainstreaming as a tool promoted and delivered to the local service providers
  • The protection and the recognition of the Traveller Community as a minority ethnic group advocated for at a local, regional and national level
  • Effective media and communication strategy developed.
  • The social inclusion of the Roma Community in Galway City and County explored and researched with a view to developing a strategy that would break down the barriers to effective Roma participation.