Social Justice

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GTM has named the value of social justice for the Traveller community Galway City and County as one of the 5 values that underpins the development of the strategic plan.

Social Justice is about achieving civil, political, economic, social and cultural rights for members of the Traveller Community and participation by Travellers in all areas of society.

GTM will work to realise Traveller rights by challenging inequality and poverty in all its manifestations, and by seeking to improve facilities for members of the Traveller Community.

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GTM Strategic Plan 2018-2022 – Social Justice Indicators

Performance Indicators that tell us we are on track

  • Public sector duty (including Traveller proofing) is promoted across all relevant public services in Galway City and County
  • Position papers on Traveller culture and ethnicity, the experience of racism and discrimination, education and work, health, accomodation and administration of justice are developed and disseminated with a view to influencing policy.
  • Models of good practice are developed and delivered realising Traveller rights in strategic areas of importance
    • Enterprise – a new social enterprise development creating employment opportunities
    • Work – a right to work campaign designed and delivered
    • Peer-led primary healthcare programme – KPI’s reached and innovative approaches continued
    • Education – data and narratives gathered re Travellers’experience of education
    • Mental health – project developed to explore and respond to the mental health crisis in the Community
  • Data gathered on outcomes for Travellers across all priority areas of work
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GTM Strategic Plan 2018-2022– Expected Social Justice Outcomes

  • Public sector equality plans are published for all relevant public services in Galway City and County
  • Improved services for members of the Traveller Community that respects culture and diversity
  • Demonstration projects are influencing public services – public sector duty
  • Sustainable social enterprises maintained and created providing employment for members of the Traveller Community
  • Greater access to and progression within the mainstream labour market for members of the Traveller Community
  • A strong, vibrant, peer led, social determinants of health project working as a resource for the Traveller Community in Galway City and County
  • Intervention to ensure greater Traveller inclusion within the education system
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