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GTM has named the value of Dignity for the Traveller Community Galway City and County as one of the 5 values that underpins the devlopment of the strategic plan.

Dignity is about an acknowldegement of Traveller identity, a feeling of pride in identity and who one is. It is about a strong sense of self worth and about being treated with respect, fairness and in an equal and non judgemental manner.

GTM will foster pride in, and understanding of, Traveller ethnic identity and will contribute to resilience and a sense of identity, roots, and place within the Traveller Community.

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GTM strategic plan 2018-2022 – Dignity Indicators

  • Annual events held for Traveller Pride to celebrate and mark Traveller Culture and ethnicity
  • Inter generational spaces created annually for transfer of traditional skills (tin smithing, pockets, paper flowers, story telling, music, horse ownership)
  • Public spaces claimed for promotion of Traveller Culture and heritage
  • GTM position paper on Traveller cultural rights developed
  • Programme focusing on resilience within the Community are developed
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GTM strategic plan 2018-2022 – Expected Dignity Outcomes

  • Traveller culture, identity and heritage celebrated in Galway City and County
  • Members of the Traveller Community celebrating their cultural identity with the deliberate transfer of skills and knowledge between generations
  • Resilience built within the Traveller Community to survive and challenge discrimination
  • A proud resourceful resilient Traveller Community
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