Enterprise & Work


GTM has named the pursuit of enterprise and employment outcomes for the Traveller community Galway City and County as a strategic area of importance. GTM works to enable the Traveller economy in Galway city and county to grow and flourish through assisting in the development of social and community enterprises, leading to economic benefits for the Traveller community in Galway. Community work principles, on which GTM is founded, clearly indicate that in order to successfully tackle unemployment among Travellers, the approach taken would need to be based on the recognition that Travellers are a distinct ethnic group in Irish society.

GTM strategic plan 2014-2016 – Intended Enterprise & Work Impacts

  • Racism and discrimination that impacts negatively on Traveller’s outcomes in the areas of enterprise and employment reduced.
  • Traveller entrepreneurs establishing and or expanding their businesses.
  • Travellers accessing mainstream employment opportunities.
  • GTM/TEDCo structures developed to create and manage employment opportunities for Travellers. Travellers accessing training and employment in social enterprises developed by GTM/TedCo.

GTM strategic plan 2014-2016 – Expected Enterprise & Work Outcomes/Results

  • Racism and discrimination that impacts negatively on Travellers outcomes in the areas of enterprise and employment challenged.
  • Traveller entrepreneurs supported to establish and/or expand their businesses.
  • Travellers supported to access mainstream employment.
  • Traveller women supported to develop, expand their businesses and/or access mainstream employment.
  • Traveller Economic Development Unit established as an independent company.
  • Social enterprises established to provide employment and training for Travellers and/or meet unmet needs in the community.
  • Travellers achieving diplomas/ degrees in Business/Management courses.
  • Community development/enterprise workers employed by GTM to implement the GTM strategic plan re enterprise and employment.