Galway Traveller Movement – A Catalyst for Change

GTM Vision Statement

‘To achieve full equality for Travellers and the participation of Travellers in social, economic and cultural life as well as the broader enhancement of social justice and human rights’.

The Galway Traveller Movement was set up as an independent Traveller organisation in 1994. It was established by Travellers and non Travellers in Galway with the ultimate aim to achieve equality and self determination for the Traveller community in Galway city and county. Applying community work and human rights based approaches GTM as part of its strategic plan 2014-2016 plans to dedicate its resources to enabling the Traveller Community to be part of a movement that challenges structural inequality.

The primary principals which underpin the work of the Galway Traveller Movement are as follows:

  • Travellers are a minority ethnic group and are entitled to live in a way that is culturally acceptable to them
  • Travellers should be consulted and involved in meaningful decision making in relation to all issues affecting their lives
  • The individual and institutional racism which Travellers are subjected to must be tackled at a local, national and international level.

‘Recognition is essential to secure the rights of minority groups in a state. Lack of recognition can lead to instability and conflict. The legal recognition of minorities and the subsequent respect of their rights contribute to peaceful coexistence. Since non recognition hinders the enjoyment of internationally recognised rights, it leads to the violation of the economic, social and cultural rights of minorities and to their ultimate marginalisation in society’. Panyaote Elias Dimitras, Minority Rights Group International

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